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Alacarte::MainWindow::MainWindow Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def findMenu
def loadItems
def loadMenu
def loadMenus
def loadUpdates
def menuChanged
def on_close_button_clicked
def on_edit_delete_activate
def on_edit_properties_activate
def on_edit_revert_to_original_activate
def on_help_button_clicked
def on_item_tree_cursor_changed
def on_item_tree_drag_data_get
def on_item_tree_drag_data_received
def on_item_tree_key_press_event
def on_item_tree_popup_menu
def on_item_tree_row_activated
def on_item_tree_show_toggled
def on_mainwindow_redo
def on_mainwindow_undo
def on_menu_tree_cursor_changed
def on_menu_tree_drag_data_get
def on_menu_tree_drag_data_received
def on_move_down_button_clicked
def on_move_up_button_clicked
def on_new_item_button_clicked
def on_new_menu_button_clicked
def on_new_separator_button_clicked
def on_revert_button_clicked
def on_style_set
def quit
def run
def setupItemTree
def setupMenuTree
def waitForEditProcess
def waitForNewItemProcess
def waitForNewMenuProcess

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 allow_update = True
list dnd_both = [dnd_items[0],]
list dnd_items = [('ALACARTE_ITEM_ROW', gtk.TARGET_SAME_APP, 0), ('text/plain', 0, 1)]
list dnd_menus = [('ALACARTE_MENU_ROW', gtk.TARGET_SAME_APP, 0)]
 drag_data = None
list edit_pool = []
 timer = None

Private Member Functions

def _cell_data_toggle_func

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file MainWindow.py.

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